'A smaller building has been designed to stand at the edge of the lake. It stands on poles above the water, with bamboo poles supporting the wide, lightweight roof surrounded by a wide corridor. As if the building had been brought here straightfrom India. It is home to the crocodiles and tortoises, the snakes and many types of lizards in pools and terrariums just as required. Undoubtedly the originality of this house will make it a great attraction, especially as the small inlet (of the lake) in front of the building will be enclosed by a steel fence in the summer so that the crocodiles can be allowed to sunbathe by the lake.' (Lendl Adolf: Az új állatkert. In: Magyar Építőművészet VII./6. 1909.)

The former Terrarium building was demolished in the 1930s, when the whole lakeside was restructured. However, it was reconstructed in 2006, on the basis of the original designs.


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Date of planning
1909 - 1910 1909
Date of construction
1909 - 1910 1910
Budapest XIV. Városliget, Állatkerti körút
Budapest Székesfőváros
Kós Károly
Zrumeczky Dezső
Peterek és Wagner; Müller Ernő; Tabermann Gusztáv utóda Fritsch Emil cég; Vasgerendákat árusító Rt.; Wellisch Arnold; Drobnitsch György; Kressalek Béla
Building type
cultural building
Building status
demolished and reconstructed